Sep 6th 2015 - New release

A big release this week, some bug fixes and small back-end improvements, but things you'll notice are the new-look filters and new-look Demographics report.

Filters moved to the left margin

It is now much easier to see which filters have been used in your reports, as they are selected and displayed on the left-hand side of the reports. The Insight report, Question report, Dashboard report and Driver Analysis report all use the new-look filters. Comments report, Demographics report and Custom report do not have new filters.

The filters work the same way as the old filters, they just look better!

Demographics report now a heatmap

To make it easier to spot variations in scores, the demographics report has been re-formatted to display deltas and scores using a heatmap. The intensity of the shading lets you see where there are big differences. 

The demographic columns are no longer displayed in alphabetical order, instead we've used the size of the group within each demographic to sort the data, so larger groups are displayed first in the report.

For further information, see Demographics Heatmap

Exit/Onboard Comments report

The Comments report for exit and onboard surveys has been updated so that only Administrators are able to see the writer's name against their comment. This only applies for surveys where individual survey responses can be viewed.

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