Crafting presentations from Heatmaps

As part of sharing your results, Culture Amp provide a template for a slide deck that can be used by you when presenting results. An effective way to communicate areas that differ significantly in their scores is to use a heatmap; people like pictures.

From the Heatmap report, you can now export a version of the on-screen heatmap that works brilliantly within Keynote and PowerPoint Presentations. Here are some tips to get the most out of your data in a presentation:

  1. Export the heatmap as an Excel file
  2. Open the file in Excel and select and copy the cells that you'd like to use in the presentation
  3. Paste the cells into the PowerPoint presentation that you're working on and resize if necessary 


NOTE: If you'd like to do the same in Keynote, you'll need to open the Excel file in Numbers first and copy the cells from there instead of Excel. Your workflow will look like the following:
  • Presenting in PowerPoint:
    Culture Amp ? Export to Excel ? Open in Excel ? Copy Cells ? Paste into PowerPoint
  • Presenting in Keynote:
    Culture Amp ? Export to Excel ? Open in Numbers ? Copy Cells ? Paste into Keynote

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