Sept 23rd 2015 - New release

A bumper release this week, with enhancements to our reporting and the ability to set up access for people to see onboard and exit survey reports. The Activity report has also been separated out from the other exit/onboard reports, and restricted to Admins and Reviewers of these surveys.

Comparison points in reports

The new Compared To field allows you to select what to compare your scores to, such as external benchmark scores, the organization's overall scores, or scores from a previous survey.

Based on the comparison you select, the delta column in the reports will display the difference between your score and that comparison point, using colors to highlight any significant differences (more than 5 percentage points).

If you see 'no comparison' for all questions, try using a filter to compare a smaller group to the Company Overall scores.

For further information, see Viewing comparisons in reports.

Other report enhancements

We have moved away from the 'traffic light' color scheme on every score, as it didn't take into account that sometimes a red colored score of 59% was actually a great score compared to a benchmark (e.g. our benchmark question 'Most of the systems and processes here support us getting our work done effectively' is 55%).

Using the new Compared To field, it will be more meaningful to spot significant variances from a benchmark, or another comparison point. Differences more than 5 percentage points higher than the comparison will be displayed as green in color, and if the variance is 5 points less than the comparison, it will be displayed in red. 

Report sharing for exit/onboard surveys

The Sharing page has been enabled for most exit and onboard surveys, allowing more flexibility in how these reports can be shared. It will now be possible to create a report and decide which filters should be displayed, or whether comments should be viewable, for example.  This improvement is the same as the existing report sharing feature, but is now available for all of your surveys.

Administrator report navigation for exit/onboard surveys

We have split the Activity report into it's own view, so that only Administrators can see individual details of the people sent an exit/onboard survey.

Administrators will need to switch views using the drop-down (shown below) in order to display the Administrator Report.




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