11/09/15: Survey to Survey Comparisons

Wow - so many improvements this week!

Demographic comparisons between surveys

We can now load scores from a past survey for specific demographic groups. e.g. a Manager can now see their team's latest scores as well as their scores from the previous survey on the one report. 

There is a demographic 'mapping' exercise to be done by your Customer Success Coach so the system knows which demographic values are comparable across surveys. Please contact to request this demographic level comparison data be loaded onto your survey.

Activity report for onboard/exit surveys updated 

We have moved the filters for this report across to the left sidebar, and the Activity report search results are now displayed with buttons for actioning next steps.

Welcome message showing last sign in details updated

The message can now be closed using the 'X' on the right-hand side, and we use your local timezone in the message when displaying the date and time:

Heatmap filters updated

We have moved the filters for the Heatmap across to the left sidebar, to be consistent with other reports.

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