12/08/16: Reporting Rules Updates

We have been working on a new feature to enter the Reporting Group Minimums for a survey prior to launch. We've also tweaked the filters, and have improved our SAML support.

Set Reporting Group Minimums

It is now possible to enter the group size to be used for displaying scores and comments in the survey reports. These values are set on the Settings page for a survey, in the Reporting Rules section:

These values can only be entered when the survey is in DRAFT status. Once the survey has been launched, it is no longer possible to edit the reporting group minimums.

See Setting the Reporting Rules or Reporting Rules for exit and onboard for further details.

Changes to filters in reports

Selected values for filtering are now listed with a count of responses, and an 'X' to remove them. This should make it faster to add and remove filters and see how many people took the survey in each demographic.

See How do I access the reports? for an overview of navigation, filtering and exporting.

 SAML Support

In order for a SAML certificate to rollover to a new certificate upon expiry, we now support multiple SAML certificates. See Single Sign On for details.

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