Set the reporting rules for a survey

The Reporting Rules are used to communicate to participants how the survey results will be displayed in the reports. This process covers attributed and unattributed surveys, however the process is different for exit and onboarding surveys.

What's the right size?

The main decision is determining the group size to report on for scores, and whether the group size for comments should be larger or not.

A small group size means it will be easier to see data for small groups, such as a Manager with only 3 people in their team.

However small reporting groups minimums may mean participants feel more vulnerable, and could be worried that they can't answer the survey questions honestly. They may be fearful of being identified and suffering repercussions from their honest feedback.

The group size for comments can be different from the group size for scores, as some people may feel it is easier to identify a person's comment in a small group due to the language they use.

By default, we suggest 5 for both scores and comments is a good balance of being small enough to see data for most groups, but large enough to disguise any individual's response.

To set the reporting group minimums

  1. click the Edit survey link for a specific survey on your Surveys page
  2. click the Reporting tab
  3. in the Reporting Rules section, edit the default values
  4. click Update

These minimums are displayed in a few places:

  • The Reporting Rules page that participants can view from their survey emails, and from the survey's Welcome Screen

  • The Launch Plan page:


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