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The information displayed in a report can have more meaning and context when compared to other scores. Comparing your results to a benchmark (e.g. in your industry or geography) may be interesting, or looking at scores compared to your last survey could be more relevant. Click to see our full list of 2020 Benchmarks and advice on how to use them!

Scores from past surveys can be imported as a single score per question representing the organization's overall score, or as a single score per question per demographic, representing past and current results for a group within the organization.

Comparisons can also be done within a single survey by looking at scores for a team compared to the overall organization's scores.

There are several ways comparisons can be made:

Using Compared To Drop-down

The Insight report and Questions report each have comparison values which can be used to view how many percentage points a score differs from a comparison point.


The Questions report contains a delta column on the far right, which can be used to sort the list of questions. This helps identify which questions deviate the most from the comparison point.


The comparison point is selected in the Compared To drop-down, located in the top right-hand corner of the report above the filters area. If you have no benchmarks loaded, and no historical data from other surveys, then the only option will be to filter the reports and have the deltas calculated against the Company Overall.

No comparisons?

If you're seeing the message 'No comparisons', if you're an administrator you can add comparisons to your survey, either external benchmarks or internal, prior surveys to be uploaded onto your survey.

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