Survey results report overview

Navigating to the Reports

  1. Sign in to Culture Amp
  2. Click the Reports link at the top of the page.
  3. Review the list of survey reports and click View report button.
  4. Move between reports within a survey by clicking the Select Report drop-down in the top left-hand corner of the page.


The reports displayed depend on how your Culture Amp access was set up by your Survey Administrator.

Drilling down for detail

For the Insight report, Questions report and Heatmap, a single click anywhere on a row of data will update the page to show more details for the item.

Use the Back to reports button in top left-hand corner of each page to return to the prior page.

Comparing results

See Viewing comparisons in reports

Sort data in tables by clicking the column heading to compare high and low values for impact, score and comparison.


Print or Export Results

The export icon to send reports to a printer, PDF, Excel or CSV file. Depending on the report type, the Excel and CSV files may contain additional detailed data. Export to PowerPoint is also an option from some surveys.

Filtering Results

The sidebar of the left-hand side of the reports has an Add filter button to narrow down the results.


You can add up to 5 different filters at a time.

Each different filter uses an AND operation so adding more filters reduces your result set (e.g. selecting Dept: Sales and Gender: Male displays results for men in Sales). When you add values for the same filter (e.g. Country: India, France, Italy) an OR operation is used.

Demographic spread charts

To view how scores differ between different demographic groups, scroll down the list to see where the spread % is higher.

Hovering over a row indicates the size of the population based on the size of the circle.DeptCollapsed.png

If you want a breakdown of the demographic groups, click anywhere on the row to expand.


Hovering over circles, or the bar charts will highlight the demographic group, and help you assess whether the group's score, based on size is significant or not.

Clicking the Heatmap button opens the Heatmap report for that demographic (if you have been given access to the Advanced group of reports by your Survey Administrator).

Getting help

Use the Help icon on the Insight or Questions reports to display information about the items displayed in the report:


Hovering over items will often display a tooltip:


We have a video demonstrating the Insight report, and you can search the Academy for additional help.


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