Guide to assessing participation rates

The first thing to consider is your overall response rate. It's important not to get over invested in this because we're really just interested in whether we've got a representative sample of people from your company. 

On the left of your Insight, Questions and Participation report you'll see your Participation rate:


We're not shooting for 100% here but typically something closer to the 75%-80% range. Our 2018-2019 global average participation rates were 82% among New Tech companies and 80% among other Non Tech industries. You can read some more detail on what constitutes a good response rate here. 

Click the Participation report menu to view more details about response rates.

You might have a lot of data to look through but the first thing is to take a look at what you might consider your primary company participation demographics. For example, what are the main demographics that your leaders will be interested in and will find useful for reporting. Some common ones include Location and Department for example.


Once again, we're not looking for 100% rates here, and instead we're really just looking for any red flag groups. A red flag group might be defined as any substantial or important part of your organization (relative to your company size) that has a response rate below 60%. In this case we're fine and we may choose to report on such key demographics in any summary report we put together. 

Finally, it can be useful to look through and identify some of the lowest groups. Typically these will just be small groups (relative to your company size) and it is useful just to take note of these for when we're looking at results for these groups.

Questions To Ask:

How did your overall response rate compare with our global New Tech Benchmark average of 82%?

What demographic or organizational groupings do you think are most useful for reporting participation rates in your organization? (Try to narrow it to one or two main groupings)

What were your lowest 3-5 groups? Do any of these stand out as substantial parts of your organization?

Were there any groups here that surprised you or are of particular concern?

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