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When we use an outcome measure such as Engagement it can be very powerful as a focus for our survey. However, the nature of the questions means they are impacted by many potential factors and are difficult to act on directly themselves. For example it probably won't work very well to tell people just to recommend us more and want to stay with us - they are just the indicators of a great workplace culture. Instead we take the other more specific and actionable questions in our survey and use statistical analyses to identify which of those questions are the most strongly and consistently related to Engagement scores in your company's data. 

In short these are the questions whose improvement would most likely 'Impact' your Engagement levels (some more detailed information is available here).

So, a Driver Analysis tells us which questions have the most Impact on Engagement and you can see this in the Questions report or by scrolling down on the Insight report to see the highest the Top 5 questions impacting Engagement at the bottom of the page. Often there are only minor differences in how strongly related the questions are to Engagement. It is best to view them as a group and consider other information about the question as well.

For example the top two questions above have relatively good scores compared to the benchmark (see the green positive Comparison charts at right) which means these are things we should maintain because they are likely helping our Engagement scores. In contrast, the third and fifth questions here (both Leadership questions) are in the red compared to benchmark while also being High Impact questions - these represent opportunities for improvement and Impact because we have more ground to make up compared to other companies.

Interestingly here, it appears that Hooli is doing well creating an environment for professional and career development but is struggling a bit with some of the Leadership questions - the vision seems good but other areas are waning.

It can be good to note anything that you find interesting amongst these questions and present the top 10 as a simple way to share these results.

Questions To Ask:

Looking at your top 10 drivers, are there any factors that show up with more than 1 or 2 questions (for example Leadership)?

Considering your Impact questions from previous years, are there any noteworthy changes? I.e any that have dropped or climbed the list?

Do any Impact questions align with initiatives that are already underway? e.g. Refreshing rewards, innovation labs, or leadership development.

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