20/01/16: Raw Data Extracts

A new flag for raw data extracts plus a few small tweaks this week, and some bug fixes.

We moved the Comments menu

The link to view the Comments report was nestled between the Questions and Heatmap reports, but has now moved it to the end of the reports menu. This is in line with our belief that comments supplement quantitative (and more representative) data when reviewing results.

New checkbox for raw data extracts

We have built a new feature to allow Administrators to control the display of the warning message that appears on the Reporting Rules page for participants when you would like to enable Raw Data Extracts on your surveys.


When this setting is checked, the participants will see an additional sentence in the 'How your feedback will be displayed' page:


Cleaned up the Report Filters

In the theme of constant improvements, we've given the reports filters another pass to make them more friendly to the eye.

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