2016 Mixed Non Tech Benchmarks


This benchmark encompasses a range of companies from all over the world and a variety of industries (excluding New Tech). This is a great benchmark for companies with a mix of different employees that don't fit our other more specific benchmarks.

High Performance

For companies wanting to compare themselves to high performing companies we can also provide high performance options which will tell you at what score you'd be in the top 25% of companies.

Companies & People

~100 companies and 40,000 + people in segments including:

Retail (product manufacturing and stores)
Hospitality (restaurants, food services, hotels)
Financial Services (banking, insurance, investment and other services)
Manufacturing (Heavy and Light)
Sporting Clubs and Bodies
Health Services
Professional Services (Engineering, Consulting, etc.)
Transport & Logistics

Average size ~400 people

Response Rates

Average was 80%


Australia & New Zealand 43%

North America 43%

Other Global 14%

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