02/02/16: Unsupported Browser Banner

We've been working on new-look reports, but we're not quite ready to share that yet. We also worked on bug fixes, unsupported browser messages and an improvement to the raw data extract communication.

Unsupported browsers for people who sign in

We updated our lists of which browsers we support for Administrators and other people who sign in the Culture Amp to view survey results. The most noticeable change is that we're scaling back support for old IE versions, in line with Microsoft's approach.

If you sign in with an unsupported browser, we display a warning message:

Raw data extracts - extra message on Welcome Screen and in emails

We added a new checkbox a couple of releases ago, allowing a warning message to be displayed to participants as part of the Reporting Rules. We wanted to go one step further, and make it more obvious to people that their survey results could be extracted, and they could be identified as the respondent against every question.

The warning message will now be displayed on the Welcome Screen and in emails for any new surveys created that have the 'Allow Raw Data Extracts' checkbox checked.

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