09/02/16: Employee Data and Participation Page Updates

Some improvements this week for importing users, and IE9 is no longer supported, plus some other smaller changes.

Demographics not in use

Demographic values that were no longer being used were being left in the system (e.g. managers that left the company months ago and there are no employees that report to them anymore.) Over time this results in very long lists of irrelevant demographic options for Admins during subsequent uploads as the unused demographics are listed in the upload process under the 'not in use' heading.

We used to suggest doing a 'clean up' of old demographics manually using the Account Demographics Editor, but now we have something more automated.

When the import users process is running, any demographics values that are not seen in the upload file will be removed from the system. The Admin will get to see a summary of the 'not in use' values, and don't worry, this won't affect past survey results.

We'll also do a one-time review on existing accounts to clean up any unused demographics. 

Performance improvements for Import Users and Participants pages

We've been able to review how these processes work in the back-end and make changes to speed them up. The Import Users final progress bar should process faster. The Participants page 'Group By' drop-down should populate each group with names a lot faster.

Internet Explorer 9 no longer supported

Due to up-coming changes to our reports, and following Microsoft's decision to cease supporting IE9, we no longer support IE9 for viewing reports and Administrator functions. Any person that needs to sign in to use Culture Amp is recommended to use one of our supported browsers. Note: IE9 is still supported for participants taking a survey.

Remove participants - continuous surveys only 

A handful of our customers run a continuous engagement survey, and need to remove people over time. They were participants who had provided notice to resign, but still needed to do an exit survey (so don't want to be included in engagement surveying but need to be active in platform to do their exit survey).

The Participants page for continuous surveys now allows Admins to un-check a person's name from the list of participants, so they won't be sent invites for that survey in the future. If they already took the survey, their responses are kept and show up in the reports.

Change to Exit/Onboard where Interviewer is not an Admin

For people who have been assigned as the Interviewer for an exit/onboard survey, if they are not Admins in the system, they can no longer assign a new Interviewer for the survey response. Admins still have this link and will need to assign new Interviewers on their behalf, as the link to 'assign a new Interviewer' has been removed for non-Admins: 

Small style change to survey preview banner

The 'X' to close the banner was a bit crooked:

So we fixed it, and used our new banner style:

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