03/21/16: Raw Data Extracts

A few improvements to allow Administrators to do their own identifiable raw data extracts, there's a new look for report sharing and a tweak to how comparison data can be displayed. 

New raw data extracts export

If you're an Account Admin, or Survey Admin, and your survey has the 'Allow raw data extracts' box checked:

Then you'll be able to extract the survey data yourself, see Downloading a raw data extract for further details.

Sharing reports enhancements

We've added more information to help with setting up report sharing. For every demographic group, the number of people who submitted a survey is displayed. For groups that are always too small to have their results shown, an 'Unreportable' label is shown, but if a group just needs a few more people in order to have results shown then the 'Not Yet Reportable' label is used. Once a survey has closed, 'Insufficient Responses' is used.

These labels and participation information should make it easier to know the best groups for report sharing.

Maintaining which people should see which report is done using the 'Assign Viewers' icon. For more details on report sharing see Sharing survey results and reports.

Comparison to prior survey when filtering

To date, scores for a prior survey can be loaded however if a person filters the current results, then 'No comparison' is shown for the prior survey result.

It is currently possible to load prior scores at the demographic group level, so that when filtering to a group, that specific groups' scores from the prior survey are displayed.

We now have another option available to always display the overall organization's prior survey scores when filtering. e.g. looking at a 2016 survey filtered to the New York office, and compare to the 2015 unfiltered score for the entire company.

See Viewing comparisons in reports for further details.

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