Guide to understanding engagement scores

In our surveys we recommend people use a key outcome measure and our most common outcome measure is Engagement. To keep it short we define Engagement as:

“The level of connection, motivation and commitment a person feels for the place
they work”

To get a good reliable measure of this we usually use five key questions that are combined together to form an Engagement Index. Our questions cover:

  • Recommendation
  • Motivation
  • Pride
  • Present Commitment
  • Future Commitment

If you'd like to read more about the science behind our approach you can find some more information here.

You can see your overall Engagement score as shown below (you can recap on the percentage favorable scores and the scale we use here). The Comparison bar on the right also shows where your score (72% here) sits relative to whichever benchmark you've selected as 'Compared To' at the top right of the report screen.

We recommend using a 5% difference minimum guideline - so unless your score is 5% higher or lower than the benchmark it's best to consider it "around the benchmark" for descriptive purposes. It's healthiest to view benchmarks as a contextual guide not a definitive comparison because they move around a little from year to year.

Click anywhere on the Engagement section will take you through to look into the Engagement questions in more detail. You'll see your scores for each of the specific Engagement questions as well as how your results compare to the benchmark or comparison you've selected.

It can be interesting to see how you fare on the different Engagement questions. Looking above we can see this company has relatively strong scores on most of the Engagement questions but lower score on the Pride questions (12% below the benchmark). This may reflect poor brand associations being experienced by employees for example or a disconnect with the companies reputation or goals, despite it being viewed as a good place to work in other ways. A quick assessment of these scores can help you understand your own Engagement profile and can be a useful headline finding to report.

Questions To Ask:

If you’ve surveyed before how were your scores relative to any previous survey scores where you used the same questions?

How did your overall and question scores compare with any benchmarks provided? (You can also just consider relative to the ranges we discussed above)?

Take a look at your retention questions by clicking once to drill down into more detail. Can you see any groups that really stand out with low retention scores?

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