Guide to highest and lowest scoring questions in survey results

The next results that can be interesting to note and communicate are your highest and lowest scoring questions. The highest scoring questions might be viewed as your strengths - these can be communicated, celebrated and are great candidates for including in employee branding and recruitment material. 

An easy way to find your highest scoring questions in the dashboards is to go to the Questions report which you can see across the top tabs in the Reports. From there just sort your questions by clicking on the 'Favorable Score' column heading. 

Take a look at your top 5 questions or even your top 10 - are any of them surprising? If you have benchmarks loaded you can also see how your results stack up compared to other organizations by clicking the 'Comparison' column heading. If a score is also strong compared to the benchmark then you really have a standout strength. Reporting on the top 5 and top 5 compared to the benchmark can be a great additional lens on your results.

By clicking the same column headings you can reverse the order and take a look at your lowest scoring questions. These questions may be good candidates for improvement. Once again you can also consider your scores relative to any benchmark as well. Below the questions are ranked based on comparison to the benchmark - suggesting a problem with teamwork in particular.

Finally, you might have also noted the 'Impact' column. This tells how strong an impact each question is likely to have on our overall Engagement scores - we'll move onto this in the next section. For now you might note that the best questions to focus on improving are those with lower scores that are also stronger drivers. A good example is the second question in the view above - it is low scoring, especially compared to the benchmark and is also listed as having High Impact.

Questions To Ask:

Considering your highest scores were there any that also stood out as high compared to benchmarks?

Considering your lowest scores were there any that surprised you or also stood out as low compared to benchmarks?

Considering your lowest scores were there any that were low and also strong/high drivers?

Overall, from the highest and lowest which three questions would you consider most of note and why? (e.g. Are there any you’d like to especially celebrate or communicate or flag as a strategic concern?)

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