04/12/16: BambooHR Integration Updates

We are continuing to roll out our new reporting and have made a change to the BambooHR sync process and handling of inactive employees.

BambooHR sync no longer adds old inactive employees

To date, we have been trying to keep both systems identical for active and inactive employees, however this been difficult for some customers that have a lot of casual staff (e.g. in the service industry), who are inactive in BambooHR. Their employee sync was adding terminated employees to Culture Amp, even when these people were terminated a long time ago, and hadn't ever submitted a Culture Amp survey.

In order to sync only employees that need to be in Culture Amp, the following changes were made:

  • Inactive employees in BambooHR, who do not exist as users in Culture Amp, are ignored in the sync and not imported. 
  • Inactive employees in BambooHR, who do exist in Culture Amp as inactive users are ignored in the sync and not imported.
  • Inactive employees in BambooHR, who do exist in Culture Amp as active users are updated to be made inactive in Culture Amp. If any of their demographics differ from what's in Culture Amp, these too are updated prior to deactivation.

Keeping employee data clean and up to date improves the quality of your survey results. Processing data corrections is vital, and BambooHR should be used as the 'source' system.

Note: The new BambooHR sync logic will not cater for the following scenarios as inactive users are now ignored during the sync:

  1. An employee was deactivated with an incorrect termination date and the date was later corrected in BambooHR 
  2. The employee was deactivated with incorrect demographics and the demographics were later corrected in BambooHR

In these situations, the employee in Culture Amp will need to be re-activated, have their data corrected, and deactivated again. Alternatively, the employee in Culture Amp can be re-activated, then a BambooHR sync can be done to update the data and deactivate the employee.

See BambooHR Integration for further details.

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