Inviting people to sign in

Notifying viewers of access

There are three ways to notify individuals that they have access to a report:

  • Use the Culture Amp platform to send notifications to individuals
  • Send an email to a specific user
  • Send an email outside of the platform 

After you've added viewers to a report:

  1. Click Notify Viewers 
  2. In the window, click Notify All Viewers to send an email to everyone who is a viewer of a report (even if they've been previously emailed) or click Notify New Viewers to send an email to only those viewers who have been added since you last sent a notification

An email will be sent to the report viewers, notifying them that they now have access to the report. The email will include a link to the report. If the individual has never logged into the platform, and your company doesn't currently use Single Sign On, the email will also provide a link for creating a password to access the platform. The link lasts for five days only.

NOTE: Administrators cannot modify the default text of the email. The email text will include your account and survey name, as well as the survey administrator email address.


Automated email to invite a specific user

Once a survey has been run and there are results to share, it is possible to trigger an invitation email to a Culture Amp user, prompting them to set a password and sign in to the system. This would usually be done once access to reports has been set up.

When making users an Account Administrator or System Administrator, then this invite step is not required. They are already emailed with details of how to set up a password.

If you've run a survey before and people have already set a password and signed in, they don't need to be invited again. They'll just see the new survey appear on their Surveys page in the system.

If you have Single Sign-On (SSO) configured, people don't need to set a password at all! They'll still want an email or communication letting them know the reports are ready.

To invite a single user

  1. click Account Admin button
  2. locate the user in the list, or use the Search box to type part of the person's name or email address
  3. hover over the user's row to display the Invite link
  4. click Invite link
  5. click Invite button to confirm

The person will receive an email, like the one below:

The email text cannot be changed. The link lasts for five days only.

To invite users in bulk outside the platform

We recommend that if you need to invite several people to sign in, instead create your own email giving them more details about your reports, what to do next, and where to get help. We have an email template to assist:

Example communication

Hi everyone,
The results from our recent survey are now available for you to review. Overall there are some interesting themes: List any themes here that you'd like to call out.
This should be anything that you particularly want your managers to take note of in their own reports. You have been given access to view results for your area.
To get started you'll need to configure your password. Please provide your email address on the following page to setup your access: Set my password
Once you've set up your password for the first time, you can sign in to Culture Amp using the Sign In link on Culture Amp's website:
If you have any questions, please contact us.


NOTE: People with whom you've shared reports will need to log into Culture Amp to view them. If you have Single Sign On, logging in is done differently.

Click here to find out how to assign the role of account administrator (power users that can make changes to the account, add/remove users, create surveys, and view all results). Click here to find out how to assign the role of survey administrator (create and modify particular surveys).


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