05/16/16: Participation Report Upgrade

Wow - it's been a while since we've had any major customer-facing changes to the product. We're still busy working on the 360 survey and doing other back-end improvements. Here's a catch up of the significant changes over the past few weeks.

Participation report upgrade

As part of refreshing the Insight reports, we gave the old participation report an uplift to match the new look. You can now click on column headings to sort the data.

When a participant enters their demographic information as part of the survey, i.e. a self-report demographic, the data is displayed differently:

This was done to create a visual distinction between response rates and sum totals of responses.

Report Sharing - demographic groups now sorted

When giving people access to the results using the Sharing page, the system now displays groups with enough data at the top of the list.

Heatmap now displays all columns

We have updated the Heatmap report to always display the columns in the report, instead of limiting the display to the first 40 columns. Use the arrows to scroll left and right to browse the columns.

Raw data extract now includes comment tags

It is possible for Survey Administrators to extract raw data, if this was configured prior to launch. If a survey used comments tags in the free-text questions, these are now included in the extract.

Downloading users now includes their preferred language

For customers with people who take surveys in different languages, the preferred language field for a user is now included in the downloaded file. This allows a review and updating of the supported locales per individual, so that preferences can be uploaded. If configured, a person's survey emails and survey link can be delivered in their preferred language.


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