05/26/16: Participation Reporting

Some change to how Participation summary information is displayed, including a new report menu option, a new rating scale for Focus, and some smaller changes.

New Participation display

We have broken out the Participation report into it's own report menu item:

And we have a new summary display of participation rate and responses above the filters area. This is displayed on all the Insight, Questions and Participation reports for reference purposes only, and can't be clicked to drill-down to view details. To view a breakdown of participation by demographic, use the new report menu Participation.

Rating scale measuring Focus

We have created a new rating scale for the heat bar:

The options from left to right are: 

  • Not Important
  • Less Focus
  • Maintain
  • More Focus
  • Much More Focus

This is intended for use in our 360° Feedback Survey, currently under development, but can be used in any survey where you want measure the extent to which people should give attention to an item. We have other types of scales possible aside from the recommended Agreement scale.

Removal of All functions checkbox

When adding an Account Administrator to your account, there is no longer a need to select the 'All functions' checkbox, as it has been removed. The process is now simpler, so that you search for an existing user in the account, then save, and they are automatically emailed a link to sign in.


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