Guide to learning from your feedback digest

What is the Feedback Digest?

When participants submit their survey, they are presented with an opportunity to provide feedback on the survey experience.


The data captured here is summarized in a digest. Want to generate your own feedback digest? 

Account Admin can turn on this feature in Settings > Configure > Operations > Generate Feedback Digest. 

How do I learn from the Feedback Digest?

The Feedback Digest aggregates the ratings people gave the survey (Very poor, Poor, Fair, Good, Very good) as well as lists all their comments in rating order.


You can copy/paste to a Google Sheet and use the translation formula e.g. =googletranslate(B2, "auto", "en") to help you read all the comments in your preferred language.

You can use the data collected to:

  • report back to stakeholders about the success of the survey experience.
  • address any concerns people raise about the survey, i.e. you can read what people are unhappy about, then learn from that, or address issues as part of the survey update comms.
  • introducing them to the concept of feedback loops and surveying in a more controlled manner, slowly building trust so that your people feel more comfortable sharing feedback.
  • compare digests over time to see if your survey design and communications are improving

At Culture Amp, we like to learn what your people like and dislike. Staff at Culture Amp receive a Feedback Digest daily covering everyone who took a survey in the last 24 hours. We all read it to feel more connected to our customers and learn what needs improvement.


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