07/16/16: Employee Driven Effectiveness

Employee Effectiveness Updates

We've made a few tweaks to our Effectiveness module this release to improve the experience when using the 'employee driven' method:

  • The 'start 360' configuration screen is optimized to explain the process more clearly for an employee starting their own 360 process
  • Employees launching their own Individual Effectiveness 360 can now complete their self review from their 'dashboard' screen. This change significantly improves the experience for employees as they no longer have to hunt through their emails to find a link to complete their self review.
  • Employees will now automatically receive a 'your feedback is ready for review' email once the feedback due by date for a 360 process has elapsed. This helps draw employees back into the platform to review the feedback that they have received from the 360 process.
  • The colors and styling of the effectiveness report have been improved.

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