Configure Neko by Culture Amp Slack integration

Neko by Culture Amp, one of our Slack integrations, makes it even easier for your employees to receive access to Culture Amp surveys. Once you successfully configure Slack integration, Neko (our slack bot) will share survey invitations, reminders, any resend/reset survey links with your survey participants and notifications when reports are shared.

Slack integration can only be be initiated by an Account Administrator.

To get started, click on Account admin menu option, navigate to Notifications page, and click Add Neko to Slack.


You may need approval from the administrators on your company's Slack account to successfully configure Slack integration. If you are unsure whether or not you need approval, simply select I don't have admin access/I'm not sure, click on the Next step button, and follow the prompts on the next screen.


Step 1: select a role that best describes you


Step 2: follow prompts to receive approval for Neko installation

Configuring Slack Integration if you're a Slack Admin

If you are a Slack administrator, you can add Neko to your account independently. Again, click on Administration button, navigate to Notifications page, and click Add Neko to Slack.


Upon selecting I’m an administrator on [Your Company's] Slack account and the Add Neko to Slack button, you will be presented with the screen below. Go ahead and authorize the integration!


That's it! Once everything is set up, you'll see a confirmation screen and can even send yourself a test message in Slack to see how Neko will communicate with your employees. You cannot amend the default Slack messaging, see Slack Messages.


Syncing Slack and Culture Amp

Once Slack integration has been successfully configured, you will be redirected back to Notifications and Slack and Culture Amp will sync automatically.


In all likelihood, some employees will be able to receive messages via Slack while others will not. If you are curious as to why some employees cannot yet be contacted via Slack, please refer to the FAQ on the confirmation screen or see Syncing Slack and Culture Amp.

In the future, you can also manually initiate a sync by clicking the Resync users button.

Technical Info

Neko is a bot, which means it has a special permission scope called 'bot'.

The list of allowed operations of a bot is listed in the "Limitation" section of this doc

Out of all those permissions, we use only 3 of them.

1. users.list to get a list of users that matches employees in our system.
2. to open a direct communication channel between our bot and the user.
3. chat.postMessage to send a direct message

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