Syncing Slack and Culture Amp

If you have yet to configure Slack integration, please read this article first!

Syncing Culture Amp and Slack

Slack and Culture Amp will automatically sync when Slack integration is first set up. However, you will need to manually sync Culture Amp and Slack in the future if new employees join your company. To manually initiate a sync between the two systems, simply:

  1. Navigate to the Notifications page in your Administration view.
  2. If you have successfully configured Slack integration, click Resync users.
  3. If you have yet to configure Slack integration, follow the steps in this article and then repeat the steps above.

When these systems sync, Culture Amp will display the total "matches" found. The Culture Amp platform will attempt to "match" a corresponding Slack user by email address. Users are considered "matched" if an exact match of their email is found in both systems. These "matched" users will be able to receive survey messages via Slack. If a match does not exist, we will flag that employee so you can check their emails in each system and make updates accordingly.

Any users that do not have a successful match will have a warning icon next to their name on the Users page.




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