The Neko by Culture Amp Slack integration

The Neko by Culture Amp integration makes it easier than ever to collect feedback in real-time by delivering Culture Amp survey invitations, reminders, and prompts to your employees via Slack.

While email is still a common communication method, it is easy for emails to get lost. Your team members are busy and often miss the opportunities to provide feedback because invitations are reminders are buried amongst the mountain of emails stuck in their inbox. Our Slack integration makes invitation delivery frictionless and collecting feedback fast.

Introducing Neko

Neko, our friendly Culture Amp Slackbot, will deliver all Culture Amp survey communications to your employees via direct messages.

Meet Neko, the Culture Amp Slackbot

Impact on Survey Communication

Once Slack integration is enabled on your account, there is no automatic welcome Slack message sent to people. Only survey communications will be delivered via both Slack as well as email for any future survey that you launch. The Slack messages are translated into all our supported languages, however the messages cannot be customized.

  • Employees with an active Culture Amp account, an active Slack account, and matching emails across both these accounts will receive survey invites and reminders via Slack and email. Reminders are only sent to people who have not submitted their survey yet.
  • Employees that only have an active Culture Amp account (or non-matching emails) will continue to receive the standard email communications that you expect from Culture Amp.

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