Report Sharing I: How To Create A Report

Once your survey results are ready to share, you can start thinking about rolling them out to various people within the organization by using the Report Sharing function.


If you like being ahead of the curve you can even begin setting up access to reports before the survey launches so that managers can monitor and encourage greater participation from their teams once the survey goes live.

TIP: When you set up report access, people who already have access can sign in and see data immediately, so make sure you are ready for them to take a look.

Report Options

  • Participation: Users will only have access to the Participation report - great for group managers that are responsible for encouraging people to respond to the survey
  • Standard: Users will have access to Participation, Insights and Questions reports - great for executives, and managers to get the information that they need without drowning in too much information
  • Advanced: Users will additionally have access to all the reports including the Heatmap and Custom reports - great for the CEO + HR + People & Culture teams to slice and dice the data
  • Comments (optional): User will additionally see comments displayed within the other reports, as well as view the Comments report 

Ready to share the results with your leaders, managers and/or employees? See: 

Report Sharing II: How To Share A Report


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