Report Sharing II: Grant Access

How to share reports

There are two ways to share reports with individuals who are not already Account Administrators or Survey Administrators:

A) Have a generic email sent to the person via the Culture Amp platform
B) Send an email yourself to the people with report sharing access

Option B is most likely going to be easiest for you if you are sharing with a group of people at once. Sending a personalized email from your own email account allows you to reach multiple people at once. Sending the alert via the Culture Amp platform must be done one by one, making it onerous for notifying many people. Below are instructions for sharing reports both via the platform and from your own email.

Assigning users access to reports

  1. Once you have created a report you will want to preview the reports by clicking the View (eye) icon to get an idea of the reports and filters that others will view
  2. Next, from the Sharing page you will Assign Viewers (click the icon on the far right)
  3. Start assigning the users that you would like to have access to that report by typing a part of their name in to locate them in the list
  4. Click Save
  5. When you're ready to let these people know they have access, use one of the options below to grant access

The labels used on the report sharing page are:

  • Unreportable means that group will always be too small to be able to share reports based on their data, as their group size is less than the Reporting Group Minimum set for the survey.
  • Not Yet Reportable is only used for surveys that are still open to indicate that not enough responses have been received to date
  • Insufficient Responses is only used for closed surveys to indicate that not enough responses were received

Granting access via email

Use the below template as a guide to email to users and ask them to set up a password and log in.

Hi everyone,
The results from our recent survey are now available for you to review. Overall there are some interesting themes: List any themes here that you'd like to call out.
This should be anything that you particularly want your managers to take note of in their own reports. You have been given access to view results for your area.
To get started you'll need to configure your password. Please provide your email address on the following page to setup your access: Set my password
Once you've set up your password for the first time, you can sign in to Culture Amp using the Sign In link on Culture Amp's website:
If you have any questions, please contact us.

Granting access via the Culture Amp platform

Once you've completed the steps for creating a report and assigning viewers you may wish to notify the individual via the Culture Amp platform. To do this, simply navigate to your Account Administration and find the individual's name on the User page. Click the airplane icon (to the right of the employee name). This will trigger a message to the individual asking them to set a password and sign in to view the shared report.

Tips and Tricks

Set up your managers up with the Participation report and limit their view to this report while the survey is still live - this can help to avoid them focusing on results that aren't stable yet. Once the survey is closed and you're ready to release results, use the Edit Report link, and change it from a Participation report to Standard report so that you don't have to re-do the access again.

NOTE: You need to share this link with individuals once you've assigned a shared report (or reports) to them:

NOTE: This feature requires report sharing to be enabled for your survey.  Please contact the Support Team to request this at if you don't see a Sharing option under Reports Configuration heading. 

NOTE: People with whom you've shared reports will need to log into Culture Amp to view them. If you have Single Sign On, logging in is done differently.

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