Report Sharing II: How to Share a Report

After you've created your reports, you can add people to give them access to the employee feedback relative to their teams and departments, and notify them that they have a report to review or act on. 

Adding viewers to reports

You can add people to reports in two ways:

  • By individual reports, through our platform
  • By working with our support team to upload a spreadsheet identifying which viewers should have access to specific reports

To add people through our platform:

  1. Preview a created report by clicking View Reports (the eye icon) to get an idea of the data within the report
  2. Click Add users (the person icon) for the report to which you'd like to add people
  3. In the text box, select all of the users you would like to add as viewers to the report. You can find a specific user by typing part of the user's name to filter the list of users
  4. Click Save

NOTE:  If Unreportable appears next to the report, the group size for the report is less than the Reporting Group Minimum set for the survey, and therefore the data within the report cannot be shared. You won't be able to add users to these reports.

Notifying individuals of access

There are two ways to notify individuals that they have access to a report:

  • Use the Culture Amp platform to send notifications to individuals
  • Send an email outside of the platform 

Notifying Individuals through the Culture Amp platform

After you've added viewers to a report:

  1. Click Notify new users
  2. In the window, click Notify new users to confirm. Notification emails are now sent.
  3. We will send a reminder to users that have not opened their report one week after the initial notification. 

Resending notifications: 

  1. Once you have sent the initial notification, the notify new user button will have a drop down option: Resend to all users.
  2. Selecting the Resend to all users button, notifies all users who have access to the report.
  3. If the report is still not opened we will not send an additional reminder email.

For report viewers, the email will include a link to the report. If the individual has never logged into the platform, and your company doesn't currently use Single Sign On, the email will also provide a link for creating a password to access the platform. 

If the report viewer has not opened the report a week after receiving the notification, a second email will be sent to remind them of the report. 

NOTE: Administrators cannot modify the default text of the email. The email text will include your account and survey name.

Email to Report viewers:



 Email to Action Drivers (for accounts with this feature enabled): 


Notifying individuals outside the Culture Amp platform

If notifying individuals in bulk with your own email, we recommend:

  • Asking viewers to set a password if they had not previously signed in to Culture Amp
  • Asking viewers to sign in to our platform to view their reports
  • Sharing any important overall themes and instructions

Tips and tricks

Set up your managers up with the Participation report and limit their view to this report while the survey is still live - this can help to avoid them focusing on results that aren't stable yet. Once the survey is closed and you're ready to release results, use the Edit Report link, and change it from a Participation report to Standard report so that you don't have to re-do the access again.

NOTE: People with whom you've shared reports will need to log into Culture Amp to view them. If you have Single Sign On, logging in is done differently.

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