Culture Amp learning calendar for self-starter customers

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Our goal is to help educate you and your team with the knowledge to be successful in collecting, understanding, and acting on your employee feedback. We know everyone has different preferences when it comes to learning so we offer on-demand courses, recorded trainings or live trainings in Culture Amp Training. All live sessions are led by our Customer Success team, and delivered weekly, unless noted otherwise. Feel free to look around at what's offered at, view the calendar of trainings, or click the links below to be directed to a specific course.

Live trainings

Who are these trainings for?

These trainings are for current Culture Amp customers only. The trainings themselves are geared specifically towards Culture Amp administrators for existing customers in our Self-Starter package.

Engagement - Account Intro & Getting Started

Topics covered: Account administrationUploading your usersBasic survey designLaunching your survey 

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Engagement - Understanding Results

Topics covered: Understanding your engagement results • Report sharing • Identifying focus areas • Taking action

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Performance - Account Setup and User Management

Topics covered: Account administrationUploading your users

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Performance - Performance Evaluations

Topics covered: Manager Requested Feedback, Self Reflections, and Evaluations

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Performance - Performance Goals

Topics covered: Company Goals, Department Goals, Individual Goals

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Effectiveness - Account Intro & Getting Started with 360s

Topics covered: Which effectiveness survey is right for you? • Workflow overview and options (admin vs. employee driven, coach vs. coachless, etc) • Understanding individual resultsUnderstanding org-wide insights

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Experience - Platform & Survey Launch (Onboarding & Exit Surveys)

Topics covered: Launching onboarding & exit surveysAutomatic vs. manual launch plans • Understanding results

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Diversity & Inclusion Office Hours

Topics covered: Open Office Hours session to cover questions on the Diversity & Inclusion survey, including on survey methodology,, understanding results, and taking action *Reach out to if you are in Asia Pacific or EMEA.

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General Office Hours

Topics covered: Whatever you'd like! This is your opportunity to chat with a Customer Success Coach live

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NOTE: These trainings are specific to customers in our Self-Starter package (fewer than 200 employees loaded in Culture Amp). If your organization has 200 users or more, check out the standard learning calendar. If you don't know what plan your organization is in, reach out to and they'll direct you to the appropriate training.

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