02/26/18: Get a birds-eye view with the Action Dashboard

Our Action Framework has enabled managers and employees to take efficient and effective action. However, as organizations grow in size and diversity, it is often a significant time commitment for managers to communicate what actions they’ve taken, and for HR administrators to track where action is taking place and present an overview for company leadership on how the company is addressing employee feedback.

With our Action Dashboard, this data is automatically collected and summarized for administrators to share with leadership. No longer do managers need to fill out spreadsheets or send emails talking about what they’re working on; no longer do administrators need to pull together reports from various managers to see who may need help in taking action, or which teams are working on similar projects.

The Action Dashboard provides administrators and executives with a birds-eye view of how managers are engaging with reports and taking action, and helps administrators see where the company should be making investments to support managers in taking effective action.



For more detailed information about how to use the Action Dashboard, please review our Academy article.

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