Create a batch of 360s

Save time and create 360 processes for a large group of employees in a single batch. 
Your customer success coach can help you to create (and optionally launch) a batch of multiple 360s from a csv file listing the desired employees, coaches and reviewers.

1. Fill in the csv template

Fill in the csv template with the employees, their coaches and reviewers and send the completed template to your customer success coach. A few tips:

Employee column

  • You must supply an employee email address for each 360.

Coach column

  • A coach email address for each 360 is mandatory for coached surveys.

Reviewers: Manager, co_worker, direct_report columns

  • Reviewers are optional and you can leave any of them blank.
  • For multiple reviewers of the same type you can either use a list of semi-colon separated email addresses, or add multiple columns of the same type.

2. Choose if you want to skip nominations

Inform your CS coach whether you want to Create or Create and launch the 360 processes:

Create: new processes will be in the Ready state. Emails will be sent to employees asking them to nominate their reviewers. In this case only employee and coach emails need to be filled in the csv file.

Create and launch: new processes will be in the Collect state. Reviewers will get invitations to provide feedback. Employees will get invitations to fill in their self reviews. In this case please specify emails for all employees, their coaches and reviewers emails in the csv file.

3. Choose the perfect time

Bulk creation triggers email communications to the employees and reviewers. Let your customer success coach know what time you would like the batch created and we will do it in the timeframe that is best for your organization.

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