04/12/18: Individual Effectiveness (360) - Create a batch of 360s

Save time and create 360 processes for a large group of employees in a single batch. 

We have extended the functionality for creating a batch 360s from a csv file. Now, in addition to employees and coaches, you can also specify reviewers: manager, co-workers and direct reports.

With two process creation options to choose from, you can either invite your employees to nominate reviewers or go straight to launch:

Create: new processes will be in the Ready state. Emails will be sent to employees asking them to nominate their reviewers.

Create and launch: new processes will be in the Collect state. Reviewers will get invitations to provide feedback. Employees will get invitations to fill in their self reviews.

Get in touch with your customer success coach to create a batch of 360s for your next survey.

More information and instructions how to fill in the csv template.

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