04/20/18: 'Preferred Name' Demographic

We have added a new core demographic so you will soon be able to send more personal, friendly survey communications to your employees. 

Receiving an email that reads Hi Jane Doe can come across as formal and lead to decreased survey participation rates. With the Preferred Name demographic, you will soon be able to send communications to your employees that feel like any other email from your team. 

Starting May 1, we will use this demographic in emails sent via Culture Amp to your employees, such as survey invitations, reset password emails, etc. The salutations will read Hi Jane instead of Hi Jane Doe. Don't worry, though, survey communications will default back to Name in the salutation if Preferred Name is not present.


Preview of Preferred Name in the Import Wizard 

Preferred Name is now visible on your account and can be populated via individual user edits or bulk employee data import. 


Survey communications will use Preferred Name starting on May 1


Simply upload a file or sync data using our HRIS integrations to start populating this demographic today! 

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