Import employee data from SAP SuccessFactors

NOTE: This feature is currently in limited release to a handful of customers. Please contact if you are interested in learning more.

If you use SAP SuccessFactors as your HRIS, you can configure Culture Amp to import all of your employee data directly. This data can then be used to select employees as survey participants and link demographic information to survey results for detailed analysis.

We integrate with SuccessFactors one-way. Changes made to employee data in Culture Amp will be overridden at the next sync if those demographics are also found in SuccessFactors.

High-Level Specifications

Employee data is imported through the SuccessFactors Data API (SFAPI), a SOAP Web Service designed to import and export data. The integration pulls data over HTTPS from an adhoc report (in XML format) in your SuccessFactors instance.

The following must be completed before attempting to sync data from SuccessFactors:

In Your SuccessFactors Instance

  • Enable SuccessFactors API. This can only be enabled by submitting a request to your SuccessFactors support representative.
  • Grant API login permission.
  • Create an Adhoc report in SuccessFactors and populate it with employee data.
  • Confirm the Adhoc Report has a Report ID called “SFAPI Report Entity”

Configuring the integration with SuccessFactors

You should produce an Adhoc Report, a specific report type, in SuccessFactors that has your required fields and includes all users that are active in Culture Amp.

At a minimum, you should include the following demographics:

SuccessFactors Demographics Matching Culture Amp Demographics
emp_personal_info_t_FORMAL_NAME Name
users_sysinfo_USERS_SYS_USERNAME Email
users_sysinfo_USERS_ID Employee ID


Optionally you can include any other columns you wish to use as demographics in Culture Amp, such as:

SuccessFactors Demographics Matching Culture Amp Demographics
emp_personal_info_t_FIRST_NAME Preferred Name
emp_employment_info_START_DATE Start Date
emp_employment_info_END_DATE End Date
per_person_DATE_OF_BIRTH Date of Birth
users_sysinfo_USERS_SYS_DEFAULTLOCALE Language

If you choose to import customer demographics such as language/locale, be sure to use valid locale formatting. More information on valid locales is available in the Academy.

Lastly, make sure the employee that is processing the import is included in the report (even if that is you). It’s important to note that HRIS integrations use the full import format only. Check out this Academy article for more information on the different import types.

Generating Report Credentials

SuccessFactors report information is pulled into Culture Amp in XML format. The following credentials need to be pulled from your SuccessFactors report and account to successfully initiate the integration with Culture Amp:

  • Domain
    • SuccessFactors host their customers’ data in many different locations (EU, USA, AUS, etc)
    • Select the data hosting location that matches your account, e.g. “” for Australia
    • Note: only include the key domain details, such as Do not include https:// or aspects of the domain after the .com or .eu values, such as /soap/xxx/api.
  • Company ID - your Company ID in SuccessFactors
  • Username - username associated with the adhoc report owner
  • Password - password associated with the adhoc report owner
  • Adhoc Report ID - ID of the adhoc report


As you can imagine, this process will likely require working with a SuccessFactors technical resource on your side. Feel free to put Culture Amp Support in direct contact with this representative - we will be able to liaise with this person to get your integration configured. 


The configuration is done in your account via the Integrations page under Account Administration.


Syncing Your User Data

Once you have finished the set up, you're now able to sync your user data into Culture Amp. This takes place from a different part of Account Administration. To sync your employee data, complete the following steps:

  • Click on Users in the lefthand sidebar
  • Select Import Users
  • Click the Sync button
  • Wait until you are redirected into the Import Users wizard.

Depending on the number of employees you have, this sync could take anywhere from a couple of seconds to a number of minutes.

From here, Culture Amp will step you through the same verification process as if you were uploading users from a spreadsheet via the Import Users process. If you'd like a refresher on the Import Users process, please click here.

Handling of Inactive Employees

All employees - active and inactive - will be imported. If an employee has a Termination Date, or a Status of inactive in SuccessFactors, they will be made inactive in Culture Amp. Any updates to inactive employees, such as a changed end date or any other update to demographic information, will be applied during the sync.

If an employee is active in Culture Amp but not present in your SuccessFactors report, they will be made inactive in Culture Amp.

The SuccessFactors sync logic will not cater for the following scenarios as inactive users are ignored during the sync:

  1. An employee was deactivated with an incorrect termination date and the date was later corrected in SuccessFactors 
  2. The employee was deactivated with incorrect demographics and the demographics were later corrected in SuccessFactors

In these situations, the employee in Culture Amp will need to be re-activated, have their data corrected, and deactivated again. Alternatively, the employee in Culture Amp can be re-activated, then a SuccessFactors sync can be done to update the data and deactivate the employee.

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