Automate HRIS integrations

You can automate the update of employee data through any active integration set up between your HRIS (Human resource management system) and Culture Amp. Culture Amp currently supports custom integrations with Namely, BambooHR and Workday.

Before you get started

Enabling automated syncs requires setting up an active integration with your HRIS. We recommend to configure the integration and run at least one employee data sync through the account interface before automating the sync. You can find more information about setting up an integration in the relevant articles about Namely, BambooHR and Workday.

To set up automated HRIS syncs:

  • Navigate to Account Administration
  • Click on Integrations
  • Select your HRIS provider
  • Enable the ‘Daily sync’ option at the bottom of the integration configuration form
  • Save

Your employee data will now be updated daily, between midnight and 3am of your account’s timezone.

Events pausing the sync

To assure the data integrity of your account, we will stop a sync if we detect any of the following scenarios:

  1. The sync deactivates more than 40% of your employees
  2. The sync swaps employee IDs of more than 5% of your employees

To investigate and resolve the data issues:

  1. Navigate to the users page
  2. Trigger a sync manually by clicking on ‘Sync now
  3. Follow the employee data wizard to the ‘analyze’ step
  4. Review the data changes to see
  5. Correct the data in your HRIS
  6. Repeat steps 1-4 to review the changes
  7. Once the data is looking correct, apply the changes to your Culture Amp account

The automated sync will keep running daily as long as it is enabled for your integration. It will continue to pause if the data issues remain.

Notifications about the sync

You are able to define an account administrator to receive email notifications about the sync. Currently, we send a notification in the event of a paused sync. To set this up:

  1. Navigate to the integrations page
  2. Choose a primary contact from the dropdown menu
  3. Click on save configuration

What type of notifications are available?

Sync paused

This notification is sent when the sync is paused, see above for details.

Sync error 

This notification is sent to the nominated account administrator if the sync is not successfully processed.

Non-automated ways of updating employee data

With automated syncs enabled, it is still possible to manually upload employee data through a csv file on the users page or start a sync with your HRIS on demand.

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