06/07/18: Updated Manager Effectiveness template

Culture Amp have updated our Manager Effectiveness Template, which incorporates new research on what makes an effective manager, including updates to Google’s Project Oxygen research.

The new Manager Effectiveness template:

  • Is Shorter. The template now uses fewer questions (28 rating plus 1 open text) to capture feedback on crucial Manager Effectiveness behaviors.
  • Includes Supplementary Questions. Customers can draw on these if they would like to gather further data against various management factors. Benchmarks and historical questions are still available for existing Culture Amp customers.
  • Draws in New Google Research. Incorporates the recently added Project Oxygen behaviors: collaborating across the organization, effective decision making, creating an inclusive team environment and discussing performance.
  • Refined and more Statistically Robust. Culture Amp also conducted a factor analysis on over 40 Manager Effectiveness items to identify structure using the responses of over 50,000 individuals from over 80+ companies. This practice informed the items selected and is part of our  standard practice for continuously improving our template questions.

In short, the updates to the Manager Effectiveness template mean that the items and the factors best reflect current research on the behaviors that lead to effective people management. 

The new updated Manager Effectiveness template is automatically available for all Effectiveness and full-platform customers. You can find it now in your template library.

More information about our updated Manager Effectiveness Template

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