Trend over time

If you have asked the same questions on multiple surveys, we will automatically form those into question and factor trends, as shown in the image below.

The Trend chart is filterable, and is available on both overall and shared reports. 


Factor trend over time


Trend sparklines


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I apply filters to Trend?

Yes! You can apply multiple filters and Trend will be re-drawn to reflect the filtered population (or hidden if we cannot display a trend for that group).

Which survey types have Trend enabled?

Snapshot surveys – for example, Engagement, Manager Effectiveness and Team Effectiveness surveys – may all show trends where they are available.

When is Trend available?

Trend is available once a survey is closed. Surveys data points are positioned according their closed dates.

Why do some questions and factors in a survey have Trends, but others do not?

We apply two methods to create trend lines: firstly, we automatically match identical questions (so, questions that are character-for-character the same), and secondly, we can also manually match questions that are the same in meaning. If you're not seeing a trend where you expect to see one, let know which questions and surveys you think are missing, and we may be able to add that detail.

My trend line contains surveys that shouldn't be trended – how can I remove them?

In some cases, our trend chart will pick up surveys that have matching questions but shouldn't be included in your trend. You can configure which surveys appear in a Trend by going to Survey Configuration > Trend. The survey closed date and number of responses may provide useful context as to which surveys should be included.


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