Survey summary report

We're excited to introduce the new Summary Report. This report is designed to give an overview of the results and guide users to take Action.  

How do I find the Summary Report

Go to your Reports page. On the top right corner, you will find a new switch that takes you to the Summary Report. 


Note: When reports are shared, they will default to this Summary Report. You can get more detail by clicking "Detailed Report".


The Summary Report


The new Summary Report includes three sections:  

Engagement score and context: 

In this section, we show the engagement score, what does it and how it compares to Company, benchmark and previous survey results. You can also drill deeper (click on Detailed) to view more detail: breakdown of favorable, neutral and unfavorable plus the participation rate.


What you're doing well

This section is about acknowledging and celebrating what went well 

Top opportunities 

This section highlights areas of opportunities. Action in those areas will most likely have the greatest impact on employee engagement. For more details on how Top opportunities are identified, check this article.

When you and your team are ready to take next steps, scroll to the bottom of the report to see 'Your next step' section. Click on 'Select Focus areas' button


You will see a widow asking you to 'select you focus area'. We recommend you select a maximum of three. To select a Focus Area, click on the flag on the left. Once you're done, click on 'Take Action on Selections' button. 

If you're not happy with suggested focus areas and want to focus on different ones, click on 'Show me all available focus areas' link. This will take you to the questions page where you can select any focus area from the full list. 


When you click on 'Take action on selections', we will take you to 'Take Action' section. If you need more help on how to choose Actions, this article might be useful.


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