Culture Amp customer masterclass program

Over the last 7 years, working with thousands of customers, we've learned a thing or two about employee feedback and created the following customer-only classes to share that knowledge, as well as provide a platform for customers to connect with one another. 

Each interactive live class is roughly 90-minutes, including sharing of Culture Amp content and expertise, in-platform demonstration, and ends with an update on what's changed in the product.


We update the live schedule every quarter. As a customer, you can see all of our training offerings, as well as register for live masterclasses at Culture Amp Training. We recognize not everyone can join us live or you may want to start your learning journey now. Below, you'll find links to condensed recordings of the classes by clicking on the class title, accessible via your Culture Amp login. 

Our Offerings

Currently we offer a 10-part series that is meant to mirror the consecutive steps of Collecting, Understanding and Acting on employee feedback. 


Collecting Employee Feedback: Mastering the key concepts of survey design

We'll cover the basic elements of designing and evaluating employee feedback surveys, diving into:

  • Key survey & question design principles
  • Survey design scenarios
  • Considerations for the user experience
  • Common challenges and pitfalls
  • Considerations for action planning post survey

Using employee feedback to develop a Diversity & Inclusion strategy

We’ll showcase the different ways to embed D&I into your strategy and help you pick the right one for your organization. This masterclass covers 4 steps to get you started:

  1. Getting Buy-in: How to frame diversity and inclusion as integral to your overall feedback strategy
  2. Different approaches: There are three different ways that we’ve seen customers incorporate inclusion into the platform. We’ll talk about the pros and cons of each
  3. Design & Methodology: It’s critical to understand how we built the survey so you can make the right design choices
  4. Analyzing & Action: Once the survey closes, you’ll want to be prepared for how to take action quickly

People Effectiveness: Developing individuals, managers, and teams through feedback

We'll learn about how surveys can be used to help (1) individuals develop personally and professionally through 360 feedback, (2) managers get more effective via targeted upwards feedback from their direct reports, and (3) project or functional groups get empowered for improvement through team based effectiveness surveys. We'll dive into:

  • Different kinds of people effectiveness initiatives
  • The role of the coach
  • Preparing leaders to receive feedback
  • Considerations for cadence
  • Making feedback actionable

Activating Your Listening Strategy: The building blocks to success (recording coming soon)

In this masterclass we will look beyond the administrative aspects of surveying and instead focus on the human elements to consider when building out an actual listening strategy. We will dive into:

  • Identifying potential risks/blockers to gathering employee feedback
  • Identifying your key stakeholders
  • The building blocks for transforming a single survey into a listening strategy


Understanding Employee Feedback: Interpreting and communicating results

We’ll prepare you for receiving your company’s employee feedback in a way that allows you to develop a strategy for interpreting the results, involving relevant others, and unpacking important differences across groups. We'll dive into:

  • Steps for unpacking your survey data
  • Communicating your results across your organization (i.e., company, leadership, managers, teams)
  • Finding your strengths and identifying your opportunities
  • Leveraging data to identify area of focus
  • Considerations for action planning

Analyzing Employee Feedback: Diving deeper into your data

We’ll help you get the most out of your employee feedback through analytical techniques you can use in the platform to dive deeper and uncover more meaningful insights from your data. We’ll cover:

  • Approaching the platform with an analytic mindset
  • Choosing outcomes and discovering what drives them
  • Linking and trending data over time
  • Wrangling and organizing comments
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of actions and programming

Storytelling with Data 

We’ll learn how to integrate data in the stories we tell to help explain, clarify and inspire action and change. This is a game changing skill for folks who deal with data in organizations. We’ll dive into:

  • How story elements relate to employee feedback
  • Helping shape the conversation about culture and feedback in your company
  • Connecting survey results to broader business goals and aspirations
  • Getting people excited about the road ahead
  • Creating a common / shared language and narrative about what makes your company unique
  • Creating clarity to drive action and change

Coaching Through Feedback: Developing your people in the F.L.O.W. of work (recording coming soon)

We'll share the best methods for coaching leaders, managers, and individuals toward taking positive action on feedback. Whether it’s 360 degree feedback surveys, manager effectiveness results, or peer feedback of any kind, you’ll learn how to take a four-step coach approach to:

  • Framing your coachee’s situation
  • Leveraging feedback to learn faster
  • Owning obstacles and opportunities
  • Working toward effective action


Acting on Employee Feedback: A repeatable process for moving from results to action

We’ll deep dive into how to act on your results, including:

The 3 steps that happen after you find a focus:

  1. Ideate: How to use design thinking to increase the quantity and quality of ideas for action, and who to include in the process
  2. Act: They key questions to answer when moving from ideation to implementation, and the difference between centralized and decentralized action planning
  3. Measure: What to include in a pulse survey and when to pulse

For each step, we’ll also review the common pitfalls we see customers make and how to avoid them.

Pulsing on Employee Feedback: Tracking progress on your people and culture initiatives

We’ll learn about best practices using pulse surveys as part of your assessment strategy. We'll dive into:

  • Types of pulse surveys
  • Timing considerations and recommended cadence
  • How to track impact of ongoing or past interventions or events.

Pulse surveys can be a powerful addition to your feedback toolkit and we’ll offer some guidance on how to avoid common pitfalls.

Topic Suggestions?

We're always adding more so check back in to see new offerings! Or reach out to our customer education manager if you have suggestions for class topics.

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