Request comparison data

Scores from external benchmarks, or your prior surveys can be loaded into an engagement-style survey to assist with analyzing the scores and taking action. A prior survey must be closed before the scores can be used for comparison purposes.

Only Administrators can make these requests, and they are loaded by Culture Amp Support Team. Surveys from the Experience module (Exit and Onboard surveys) and 360 surveys from the Effectiveness module do not have this ability to request comparisons.


  1. As an Admin, click View reports for a specific survey
  2. Click Load comparison data link
  3. Click Get started button
  4. Choose which type of comparison to request (industry benchmark, geography-based benchmark, prior survey from your account)
  5. Make your selection from the list provided
  6. Click Next to proceed
  7. Click Add another or click Send request

Only three comparisons can be requested, and we recommend picking only one or two comparisons to keep the reports simple.

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