Request team feedback

Easily request feedback about your direct reports at any time by navigating to the Request Team Feedback page found under My Team.

Select a direct report to collect feedback about

While the Request team feedback page defaults to your first direct report in an alphabetically-sorted list, choose a direct report from the right-hand side drawer by clicking on the desired avatar. Expand the drawer by clicking on the drawer header to display the full name of each direct report.

Select reviewers

You can add one or more reviewers by searching for a colleague's name or email address in the Request from field. By selecting the field, you will also reveal default and smart reviewer selections, including options to add your remaining direct reports or your direct's reports if they are also a people manager. You may also see Culture Amp suggestions due to interactions between your direct report and the suggested reviewer such as requested or completed feedback between the two colleagues.


Review or edit the question template

Default question templates may be provided by your account admins for both peer feedback and upwards feedback. If available, the upwards feedback default template can be surfaced for people managers by including one or more of their direct reports in the Request from field. If additional reviewers are included, the template will default to the general purpose, peer feedback questions.

While default questions may be provided, the template is fully editable by you in order to customize the questions based on your team's circumstances and unique experience.


Manage requested and completed feedback

Once the requests are sent, your reviewers will receive an email notification and pending task in their To do list. Weekly reminders are sent to reviewers until the requests expire 90 days later or the reviewer dismisses the request.


You can manage pending and dismissed requests, as well as review completed feedback by navigating to the Request history tab. Completed feedback will also be visible from each of your direct report's profiles found on the Team members page under My team.

As requests are completed, you will receive up to one email per day notifying you of the completed feedback. In addition, you will find an in-app notification for each completed request. 

Understand feedback visibility

By default, all account admins and HR business partners assigned to your direct report's department have access to manager-requested feedback, in addition to you and your report's indirect managers.

Only you have the ability to comment on completed feedback with the feedback's author; however, any comments are also visible to indirect managers.

The feedback author has the ability to also share their feedback directly with your direct report at the time of submission. If they choose to share their feedback, a note is visible to you above the body of the feedback clarifying that the feedback has been shared.

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