Configuring Slack Social Graph Integration

NOTE: This feature is currently in limited release to a handful of Performance customers. It is only available to Performance customers. Please contact if you are interested in learning more.

The Culture Amp Slack integration empowers your employees to always receive continuous feedback from the most relevant sources. Once the Culture Amp Slack integration is enabled, your employees can import their Slack conversation history into Culture Amp so that Culture Amp’s algorithms understand who they work with and recommend the right people to ask for performance feedback.

You may need approval from the administrators on your company's Slack account to successfully configure the Slack integration.

Configuring Slack Integration if you're a Slack Admin

If you are a Slack administrator, you can add the Culture Amp Slack integration to your account independently. Click on the Add to Slack button to be redirected to the Slack App Directory and install the application.

Add to Slack

Technical Info

The Culture Amp Slack App uses a variety of permission scopes to understand who your employees work with and build out their social graph.

The list of allowed scopes for a Slack app is available here:

We use the following scopes:


  1. groups:read - Access information about user’s private channels
  2. im:read - Access information about user’s direct messages

These scopes create the foundation of your social graph. They allow Culture Amp to map who you interact with on a day-to-day basis.


  1. search:read - Search your workspace’s content
  2. users:read - Access your workspace’s profile information

We use these scopes so we can recommend the right people to give you feedback at any time throughout the year. Your social graph is not static — the people you communicate with evolves as you switch teams and take on new projects. These scopes help us understand who you contact and when you contact them using Slack. This allows Culture Amp to build out your social graph at a specific point in time.

Workspace Info

  1. team:read - Access information about your workspace

This scope increases the accuracy of your social graph. It allows Culture Amp to capture the identity of your team so we can verify that the individuals with whom you communicate are a part of the same organization. 


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