How does conversation importing work?

NOTE: This feature is currently in limited release to a handful of Performance customers. It is only available to Performance customers. Please contact if you are interested in learning more.

Import your Slack or Gmail conversation history, build out your social graph in Culture Amp, and make sure you always receive feedback from teammates that will give relevant, timely feedback.

How Culture Amp builds your social graph

After you import your Slack or Gmail conversation history, Culture Amp considers a number of inputs to build out an accurate representation of your social network at work.

  • How long ago did the interaction occur?
  • How many people were involved? Was it a group conversation or a one-to-one interaction?
  • How balanced are the communication patterns? Are you being inundated by announcements and one-way messages or do you have a regular back-and-forth with a colleague?

Social Graph evolving over time

The "People I Work with Most" Chart

Culture Amp constantly improves how we build out your social graph to eliminate excess noise, such as "conversations" from groups, mailing lists, robots, aliases, and other non-human entities.

Your social graph is available for review in the "People I Work with Most" chart. Follow these steps to review the chart:

  • Navigate to Performance
  • Click on the more icon (three dots in the left hand navigation) and select profile


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