Managing and ending performance evaluations

Administrators and HRBPs can manage evaluation cycles, track the progress of each evaluation and identify which employees need friendly reminders to complete this critical step of a performance review.

Managing an evaluation

Exporting evaluation results in a CSV

When you are ready to export your results for further analysis, you can select the cycle to view the evaluation summary and click on ... to download the csv. Filters that have been selected will be reflected in the csv.


Sharing an evaluation

Evaluations are shareable once sharing is enabled under question selection. Sharing can be enabled at any time.

When sharing is enabled, managers will receive an in-app notification that evaluations can be shared. While we encourage you to empower managers and let them share evaluations themselves, Admins and HRBPs can also share evaluations on behalf of managers. This is available using the Admin Settings tab.

Ending an Evaluation​

Ending an evaluation will cause all of the evaluation contents to become read-only.

  • Go to the upper right-hand corner of the page and click on the ...
  • Choose End Evaluation
  • If you have not enabled sharing yet, select whether or not you'd like to allow managers to share their evaluations.​


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