Team summary

The Team Summary page allows managers to understand their team(s) skills, both strengths and growth areas, with access to anonymized and aggregated skills data collected from peer-to-peer feedback. Managers can see summary information by skills category and top strengths and development areas. To protect the privacy of employees, team summary data is not available when the team is smaller than 5 employees. 


For larger teams

Once there is enough feedback data in the system, the system generates a summary of skills. Managers who manage other managers can drill down to review individual team skills, as long as each of the teams has at least 5 employees.


For smaller teams

We take data privacy seriously so that our users feel empowered to share honest feedback and consequently, continuous feedback goes only to the person receiving feedback. For managers with fewer than 5 direct reports, this summary view is not available to de-risk attributing certain qualities to employees.

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