Understanding Performance user roles & permissions

NOTE: Performance permissions do not impact Engagement, Effectiveness, and Experience surveys. Learn more about permissions on the rest of the platform in Account Settings & Administration.

There are three different roles a user can have in Performance with varying levels of access to employee information.

  1. Performance administrator - As a performance admin, you have the ability to manage and access everything on the administrative side of your account. You will also be able to assign the following roles to others:
  2. HR Business Partner (HRBP) - As the HR business partner, you have Admin rights but only for specific department(s) assigned to you. You will be able to access information related to evaluations, self reflections and more.
  3. Department Goal Creator - As a department goal creator, you can create and manage department goals for employees in the department(s) you are assigned to. Department goal creators cannot create, edit, or view other features such as evaluations, self-reflections or employee information.

Performance administrator feature access

NOTE: Performance administrators must also be an Account Administrator in the rest of your account.

Account level

Evaluations & self-reflections

  • Manage evaluations & self reflections: Start, Create, Complete and End
  • Evaluation dashboards to view completion and overall ratings
  • Self reflection dashboards to view completion, read by manager, commented and incomplete items


  • Manage all company and department goals


  • Assign Performance roles: Performance admin, HRBP & Department manager

HR business partner feature access

Evaluations & self-reflections

  • Manage evaluations and self reflections: Start, Create and Complete (on behalf of managers) within the departments assigned to them.
  • Evaluation dashboards to view completion and overall ratings within the departments assigned to them.
  • View self reflections within the departments assigned to them.


  • Manage department goals for the departments assigned to them.


  • View manager-requested feedback of people within the departments assigned to them.
  • Request feedback on behalf of managers within the departments assigned to them.

How to manage roles

Account Administrators can change the roles of others.

  1. Click on Account Admin and select Users
  2. Search and select the person you want to update a role for.
  3. You will see the user's profile. Under Permissions, select the appropriate role for this person.
  4. If you select HR Business Partner or Department goal creator, you must assign them to specific department(s).


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