Complete manager-requested feedback

Complete a request for feedback

At any time, people managers at your organization can request feedback from you about their direct reports. Those requests will trigger an email notification, as well as an action item in your Task list.


A draft of your feedback is autosaved so that you can return to it at any time to complete and submit it. Your feedback becomes read-only once submitted.


You will receive weekly reminders to complete pending requests for feedback until those requests expire 90 days after they're sent; however, you can dismiss requests at any time by choosing to Dismiss request and selecting a reason from the list of options.

Update the visibility of your feedback

Manager-requested feedback is visible to the employee's manager, as well as indirect managers, account admins, and HR business partners assigned to your department. By default, the feedback is not visible to the individual you're providing feedback about; however, you're able to share your feedback directly with the reviewee by selecting the checkbox to Also share with... prior to submitting it.


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