Give feedback directly to colleagues

Give helpful, constructive feedback using continuous feedback. This feedback focuses on a set of customizable skills, which typically consist of three categories: company culture, interpersonal interactions, and job-related functions. Continuous feedback needs to be triggered manually right now, but it will soon be possible for you schedule it to run automatically every week.


Example of continuous feedback


What to expect when giving continuous feedback

  • Starting from the home screen, click on Give feedback
  • The system automatically picks a colleague as the subject of your feedback
  • You have the ability to skip the selected person don't have any feedback to share.


Giving feedback is a two step process. The first part is to review your coworker's skills and the second part is to provide qualitative feedback. Generally, you'll see approximately 10 skills to review. After reviewing skills, you can provide written feedback as well.

Targeting people for continuous feedback

  • Go to My Company and select Everyone. You can search for a colleague by name/email or scroll down the page.
  • Hover over an employee profile, select the star icon, and click on Review skills.
  • This will take you to an area that pulls up skills and allows you to give feedback to your co-worker.


A couple of things to note

  • Rocking it, this indicates that your co-worker truly excels at this skill. They have mentoring capabilities and can help teach others how to improve.
  • Getting there means that your co-worker is approaching greatness, but could benefit from mentorship on the subject.
  • You may also receive automatic email notifications to prompt you to give feedback. These will come on average once per week.

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