Creating and editing an employee evaluation cycle

Employee evaluations allow managers to review the performance and growth of their direct reports. Administrators can create multiple ongoing evaluation cycles and manage them separately.

What's in an evaluation?

An evaluation can include three question types:

  • Multiple choice questions: The default scale ranges from Strong No, No, Yes to Strong Yes. ​
  • Open ended questions: This is an area for free form responses based on your prompts.​
  • Assessment groups: This is a set of performance ratings that managers and Admins can assign to each employee.​

Tip: Performance question types are different from question types used in Engagement, Experience, and Effectiveness.

Only administrators can create an evaluation cycle. Once created, managers and administrators/HRBPs can update all responses, even after an administrator ends the evaluation cycle.

Updates to the evaluation are noted in the activity log for each employee along with who made those changes.

Creating an employee evaluation

Scheduling and creating questions:

  • Click on Admin Settings in the bottom left corner of the homepage
  • Click on Create new evaluation on the Employee evaluations page


  • Add a name, start date and end date. You can also adjust the times and time zones.


  • Add questions to the evaluation


You can amend labels on multiple choice questions to match your company culture. Also you can add descriptions to assessment groups to provide more clarity.


Assessment group descriptions

Sharing & previewing questions:

  • Choose which questions you would like to have managers share with their direct reports, if at all. You can wait to enable sharing later (e.g. until after managers have finished their evaluations). This can be modified before, during or after a cycle has ended.


  • Click Next to preview the evaluation. Questions with an asterisk (*) will be shared when sharing is enabled by an administrator. You can amend this selection before the cycle's start date; after the cycle begins, questions selected for sharing are no longer editable.


Adding employees manually or with a CSV:

Add employees manually using the filters provided or by uploading a CSV.

  • Manually: Select everyone in the organization by clicking on the box to the left of Team members. If you click it again, it will deselect everyone.
  • CSV: Click on upload a CSV to import employees into the evaluation. The CSV should have a single column of your employees' emails.

Conversely, you can click Finish to postpone selecting employees for the evaluation cycle.


You can add people to a cycle even after it starts. Once you're satisfied with the selection, click Finish.​

Finalizing creation:

Final reminders appear when you create an evaluation cycle:

  • If you need to make any changes to questions or what questions you'd like to be shared, these must be done before the cycle has started.
  • Managers with direct reports in the evaluation cycle will receive both an email and Task list item when the cycle opens.

Editing an evaluation:

  • From the home screen click on Admin settings
  • Click on Employee Evaluations and then the evaluation to edit.
  • At the top right, select the Edit menu ... to view options for editing.



  • Changing the end date of your evaluation will update email notifications to your managers if they have not completed evaluations yet. Please see more information about automated reminders for evaluations.
  • Changing an employee's manager will notify the new manager by email that there are new direct reports for them to review.
  • Enabling sharing will notify managers with an in-app notification only. They will need to take action to share their evaluations when they are ready.

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